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  • Upgraded Servo Controller
  • Brand-new Sensors
  • Inverse Kinematics Algorithm
  • Mobile/PC/handle/offline manual control
  • Based on Scratch/Python
  • Serial bus servo. Full metal gear


  • Digital Servo
  • Anti-blocking servo
  • Plenty of Sensors
  • Long Service Time
  • Aluminum Alloy Structure
  • Anti-skid Pad
  • Easy to Wire


  • 【RPi AI Humanoid Robot】Ideal for research in motion control, machine vision, OpenCV, deep learning, and more.
  • 【AI Vision for Infinite Creativity】Feature a wide-angle HD camera and use OpenCV for various AI vision applications such as transportation.
  • 【Flexible Control Methods and FPV Live Feed】Enjoy remote control of robot movements and access a live camera feed for first person view.
  • 【Extensive Tutorials】Access detailed guides on setup, Linux, OpenCV, motion control, AI vision development, and action group editing, and more.
  • Aluminium alloy frame
  • Multiple control methods
  • Web graphical programming
  • Online programming and charging
  • Compatible with Hiwonder all series sensors
  • Support two offline operating modes
  • Support Bluetooth
  • Ultra-simple wiring, the control board only has positive and negative power interface
  • Long service time
  • Support graphical programming
  • Equipped with plenty of modules
  • Use micro:bit + micro:bit Expansion board
  • Various control and programming methods
  • More than 200 structural parts
  • Support micro:bit program
  • Provide kids with creative life scenes
  • Unified connector and plug-and-play
  • More DIY extensions are available to every users
  • micro:bit Block Editor and Python language
  • Dozens of robot shapes are available
  • Equipped with dozens of electronic modules
  • Intelligent serial bus servo
  • App and PC-end offline software