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  • 【High-performance Arduino Humanoid Robot】Tonybot is 17DOF Arduino Humanoid Robot.It features a body equipped with 16 high-voltage bus servos and includes over 10 preset motion groups, enabling it to perform actions such as walking, dancing, and gymnastics.
  • 【Support Arduino Programming】Tonybot is a programmable humanoid robot compatible with the Arduino platform. The humanoid robot servo controller and the compatible Arduino Nano controller combine to reach new heights.
  • 【Support Sensor Expansion】Tonybot comes with a variety of sensor expansion packs, compatible with Arduino programming, allowing for secondary development of the robot. We provide detailed course materials for learning and open-source code, making it easy for you to realize various creative ideas!
  • 【Arduino Programming, Open Source】Spiderbot is compatible with Arduino programming. The programs for Spiderbot are open-source, and learning tutorials and secondary development examples are available, making it easier for you to develop your robot.
  • 【High Performance, Support Sensor Expansion】 uHand UNO is equipped with a glowy ultrasonic sensor, a Dot Matrix Module, intelligent bus servos, and other high-performance hardware. Moreover, it provides multiple expansion ports for sensor integration, including accelerometer, touch sensor, sound sensor, etc., empowering users to engage in secondary development.
  • 【Versatile Control Options】Spiderbot supports pc software control, app control and wireless handle control.
  • 【Raspberry Pi AI Robot】An ideal platform for conducting research in motion control for hexapod robots, machine vision, OpenCV, deep learning, and various other fields.
  • 【AI Vision for Infinite Creativity】Feature a wide-angle HD camera and use OpenCV for various AI vision applications such as transportation.
  • 【Support App Control】 Enjoy remote control of robot movements and access a live camera feed for first person view.
  • 【Inverse Kinematics, Various Gait Modes】SpiderPi utilizes inverse kinematics to enable a range of gait modes of tripod and quadruped gaits. And it offers adjustable height and speed, as well as the ability to make turns and change its motion direction.
  • Upgraded Servo Controller
  • Brand-new Sensors
  • Inverse Kinematics Algorithm
  • Mobile/PC/handle/offline manual control
  • Based on Scratch/Python
  • Serial bus servo. Full metal gear


  • 【Powerful Hardware】 Equipped with a high-performance servo controller, built-in MP3 module, IMU sensor, Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4G wireless module, supporting group control.
  • 【H5S Intelligent Humanoid Robot】H5S adopts high-speed gait algorithm, which can easily complete functions such as walking, dancing, kicking, boxing, etc., flexible and agile.
  • 【Support Multiple Control Methods】 H5S not only supports PC graphical host software control, but also can set the robot's movements at will. It also supports APP independent control and APP group control, allowing you to enjoy a smooth control experience.


  • 【RPi AI Humanoid Robot】Ideal for research in motion control, machine vision, OpenCV, deep learning, and more.
  • 【AI Vision for Infinite Creativity】Feature a wide-angle HD camera and use OpenCV for various AI vision applications such as transportation.
  • 【Flexible Control Methods and FPV Live Feed】Enjoy remote control of robot movements and access a live camera feed for first person view.
  • 【Extensive Tutorials】Access detailed guides on setup, Linux, OpenCV, motion control, AI vision development, and action group editing, and more.
  • 【Support micro:bit Programming】Qtruck is a programmable robot kit based on micro:bit, with micro:bit as the core controller, suitable for learning micro:bit programming.
  • 【3DOF Robotic Arm】Qtruck is equipped with 3DOF robotic arm,which can realize horizontal and vertical movement to complete the grabbing and transportation of items.
  • 【Track Chassis Design】Qtruck is a high-performance micro:bit car, adopts a track chassis and metal chassis structure, which is equipped with a high-torque DC motor.
  • 【Multiple Control Methods】Qtrcuk supports mobile APP and handlebit control, allowing you to control your robot as you like.
  • 【Unlimited Creativity Supports Expansion】Qtruck supports a variety of sensors and LEGO expansion, allowing a variety of creative ways to play.
  • Support two offline operating modes
  • Support Bluetooth
  • Ultra-simple wiring, the control board only has positive and negative power interface
  • Long service time
  • Support graphical programming
  • Equipped with plenty of modules
  • Use micro:bit + micro:bit Expansion board
  • Various control and programming methods
  • More than 200 structural parts
  • Support micro:bit program
  • Provide kids with creative life scenes
  • Unified connector and plug-and-play
  • More DIY extensions are available to every users
  • micro:bit Block Editor and Python language
  • Dozens of robot shapes are available
  • Equipped with dozens of electronic modules
  • Intelligent serial bus servo
  • App and PC-end offline software
  • 【micro:bit Programming, AI Vision Robotic Hand】AiHand is an open-source robotic hand powered by micro:bit. AiHand features a high-performance WonderCam AI vision module with an integrated HD camera. This module enables various AI applications, including color recognition, tag recognition, and more.
  • 【Powerful hardware, Support Secondary Development】AiHand is equipped with an AI vision module and a glowy ultrasonic sensor. AiHand has multiple expansion interfaces reserved to facilitate users to carry out secondary development of the robotic hand.
  • 【One-click Training and Learning】AiHand's AI vision module is integrated with some learning algorithms, allowing it to complete diverse AI vision projects such as waste sorting and tag recognition.
  • 【Various Control Methods&Makecode Programming】AiHand supports Android/ iOS APP control, micro:bit control.AiHand also supports Makecode programming.Drag and drop building block-style modules for programming,which is easy to learn.