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  • The 310 DC Gear Motor is equipped with a high-precision Hall encoder and all-metal gears, reducing power consumption. Its stable speed and precise torque control greatly surpass those of stepper motors, making it an excellent choice for various DIY projects.
  • Made from high-quality materials, the 310 DC Gear Motor ensures durability and stability. Its compact design, small size, and lightweight construction make it easy to install. With a 1:20 ratio, the low-speed configuration matches a torque, allowing the motor to adapt to a variety of chassis materials and diverse scenarios.
  • 【Drive Multiple Motors】The 4-channel encoder motor driver can drive a variety of Hall encoder TT motors and 520/310 DC gear motors available in the market.
  • 【Support Various Controllers】The 4-channel encoder motor driver is compatible with STM32, Arduino microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi 5/4B, Jetson Nano, and other controllers.
  • 【High-performance Motor Driver Chip】The 4-channel encoder motor driver features the SA8339 high-performance motor driver chip. Ideal for electronic competitions and DIY robot cars, it offers versatility and reliability.
  • Ratio 1:42
  • Input voltage: 3-6V
  • Output speed: 150RPM
  • Plastic shaft TT motor, suitable for car robots.
520 DC Gear Motor with High-Precision Hall Encoder, 12V, 110/170/320 RPM, 6mm D-Shaped Eccentric Shaft 520 DC Gear Motor with High-Precision Hall Encoder, 12V, 110/170/320 RPM, 6mm D-Shaped Eccentric Shaft
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  • 【High-Precision Magnetic Encoder】Equipped with a high-precision magnetic encoder, the motor offers robust power and superior performance compared to a stepper motor. With an AB-phase incremental hall encoder, it delivers high precision, anti-interference, and other advanced features.
  • 【All-Metal Gears】:High-temperature resistance, high abrasion resistance, strong load capacity, sturdy and durable, effectively protect the gear box motor body.
  • 【D-Shaped Output Shaft】:Using high hardness steel, good toughness, impact resistance, the quality of the bearing and the service life of the gear motor are improved, extremely durable.
  • Compatible with LEGO
  • 270/ 360° free rotation and controllable angle
  • Support micro:bit program control
  • Used to build creative projects 
  • Environmentally friendly material for safe using experience
  • 【High Performance】The motor is equipped with a high-precision Hall encoder and a premium three-wire strong magnetic speed measurement disc, accurately providing pulse signals, ensuring stable motor performance.
  • 【TT DC Gear Motor】 Working voltage: DC 3-12V, no-load speed: 150 RPM, ratio 1:42, torque: 1.2 kg·cm.
  • 【Application】This TT DC gear motor can be used for DIY car projects and smart robots.
  • Weight: 14g
  • No-load current: 100mA
  • Operating Voltage: 4.8V-6V
  • Torque:
  • Speed: 0.12sec/60° (4.8v) 0.10sec/60°(6V)