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Expansion board

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  • Compatible with both the latest Raspberry Pi 5 models, featuring identical interfaces. No external flat cables are required, and supports peripherals such as active heat sinks.
  • Leveraging a Cortex-M3 32-bit high-performance ARM chip, it communicates via the MCU serial port to independently drive peripherals such as servos and motors. This alleviates the workload of Raspberry Pi 5, significantly enhancing the processing efficiency and speed for Raspberry Pi robots.
  • Featuring a 6-axis attitude sensor MPU6050, it facilitates the initialization of IMU registers and printing of raw 6-axis IMU data, encompassing 3-axis accelerator and 3-axis gyroscope. The model A expansion board exclusively supports motors. Both model A and B accommodate PWM and bus servos. The Model C is tailored solely for PWM servo compatibility.