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Robotic Hand

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  • 【Arduino Programming, Open Source】uHand UNO is built on the Atmega328 platform and is compatible with Arduino programming. The programs for uHand UNO are open-source, and learning tutorials and secondary development examples are available, making it easier for you to develop your robotic hand.
  • 【High Performance, Support Sensor Expansion】 uHand UNO is equipped with a 6-channel knob controller, Bluetooth module, 6 anti-blocking servos, and other high-performance hardware. Moreover, it provides multiple expansion ports for sensor integration, including ESP32 Cam, accelerometer, touch sensor, glowy ultrasonic sensor, etc., empowering users to engage in secondary development for sonic ranging and pose control capabilities.
  • 【Versatile Control Options】uHand UNO supports both app control and wireless glove control. Users can utilize knob potentiometers for real-time knob control and offline action editing.
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B and support Python programming
  • Work with OpenCV to realize AI vision recognition and tracking
  • Right hand and left hand are available
  • Open-source code and detailed tutorials are provided
  • Open schematic and source code
  • Make robot control direct and interesting
  • Compatible with Arduino development environment
  • With built-in Bluetooth and gyroscope acceleration sensor


  • Compatible with Arduino/ STM32 programming
  • Source code and controller schematic are provided
  • Anti-blocking servo can upgrade the robot’s performance
  • Support handle control and PC software graphical programming
  • User-friendly 1/1 scale bionic fingers
  • LFD-01 anti-blocking servos are used for the movement of fingers
  • Acrylic and aluminum alloy brackets contribute to structure and high performance
  • Support secondary development for your robots
  • Long service time
  • Support graphical programming
  • Equipped with plenty of modules
  • Use micro:bit + micro:bit Expansion board
  • Various control and programming methods