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Robotic Hand

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  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B and support Python programming
  • Work with OpenCV to realize AI vision recognition and tracking
  • Right hand and left hand are available
  • Open-source code and detailed tutorials are provided
  • Open schematic and source code
  • Make robot control direct and interesting
  • Compatible with Arduino development environment
  • With built-in Bluetooth and gyroscope acceleration sensor


  • Compatible with Arduino/ STM32 programming
  • Source code and controller schematic are provided
  • Anti-blocking servo can upgrade the robot’s performance
  • Support handle control and PC software graphical programming
  • User-friendly 1/1 scale bionic fingers
  • LFD-01 anti-blocking servos are used for the movement of fingers
  • Acrylic and aluminum alloy brackets contribute to structure and high performance
  • Support secondary development for your robots
  • Long service time
  • Support graphical programming
  • Equipped with plenty of modules
  • Use micro:bit + micro:bit Expansion board
  • Various control and programming methods