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Camera and Lidar

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  • High Performance SPAD Chip
  • Support ROS1/ROS2
  • 12m Ranging Range
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi/ Jeston and other controllers


  • HD wide angle camera
  • Compatible with a variety of controllers
  • 70°-170° field of view
  • 480P-1080P resolution
  • Indoor and outdoor availability
  • Support ROS1/ROS2
  • Binocular structured light
  • Small measurement blind spot
  • Support Raspberry Pi/ JETSON/ Windows
  • 【Artifncial Intelligence, Powerful Computing Power】WonderMV open source vision module is a powerful and cost-effective Al vision module. It is developed based on the K210 chip and supports 12 AI vision items such as color recognition, road sign recognition, vision line following, face recognition, mask recognition, and tag recognition function.
  • 【Compatible with Various Controllers】WonderMV vision module is equipped with a serial interface and can be used with various controllers such as STM32, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Micro:bit, etc. Users can easily output vision recognition results to an external controller through the serial port, without the need to delve into complex vision algorithms, making it easy to create creative AI projects.
  • Design for ROS robot mapping and navigation
  • 360° scanning, high frequency ranging, long ranging radius
  • Support Windows, Android, ROS, Linux systems
  • Provide SLAMTEC official learning materials
  • Meet FDA Class 1 safety standard
  • Long service time of 10000h
  • 30000lux resistance to strong light 
  • Distance measurement up to 12m radius
  • 360° all-round laser scanning
  • Compatible with ROS1 and ROS2 systems