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Module and Display

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  • Real-time Translation
  • Sound Source Localization
  • Support ROS
  • TTS (Text to Speech)
  • Offline Voice Recognition
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Audio Noise Reduction
  • 【High-performance three-dimensional motion and posture measurement system】The IM10A inertial navigation module includes a 3-axis electronic gyroscope + 3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis magnetometer + barometer (angle + altitude), combined with a high-dynamic Kalman filter fusion algorithm to provide users with high-precision, high-dynamic, real-time compensation 3-axis posture angle data.
  • 【Rich data output】The IM10A inertial navigation module can output Euler angles (Roll, Pitch, Yaw), quaternions, position, speed, acceleration, angular velocity, and magnetic field vectors. It can provide output frequency up to 200Hz in real time, thus greatly reducing the research and development time for various needs.
  • 【Supports multiple communication methods】 Supports USB/UART/I2C communication methods, is more efficient and compatible with Raspberry Pi, STM32, and Jetson series development boards, providing more development possibilities for DIY makers.
  • 【Provide rich tutorial materials】 Hiwonder provides a wealth of tutorial materials, such as PC software, operating instructions, development manuals, development codes, source codes, etc.
  • 7-inch standard display and 1024 * 600PX resolution
  • Touch control and easy wiring
  • Support standard HDMI interface input
  • Connect to Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano