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  • 【Arduino Programming, Open Source】Spiderbot is compatible with Arduino programming. The programs for Spiderbot are open-source, and learning tutorials and secondary development examples are available, making it easier for you to develop your robot.
  • 【High Performance, Support Sensor Expansion】 uHand UNO is equipped with a glowy ultrasonic sensor, a Dot Matrix Module, intelligent bus servos, and other high-performance hardware. Moreover, it provides multiple expansion ports for sensor integration, including accelerometer, touch sensor, sound sensor, etc., empowering users to engage in secondary development.
  • 【Versatile Control Options】Spiderbot supports pc software control, app control and wireless handle control.
  • 【High-performance Arduino Humanoid Robot】Tonybot is 17DOF Arduino Humanoid Robot.It features a body equipped with 16 high-voltage bus servos and includes over 10 preset motion groups, enabling it to perform actions such as walking, dancing, and gymnastics.
  • 【Support Arduino Programming】Tonybot is a programmable humanoid robot compatible with the Arduino platform. The humanoid robot servo controller and the compatible Arduino Nano controller combine to reach new heights.
  • 【Support Sensor Expansion】Tonybot comes with a variety of sensor expansion packs, compatible with Arduino programming, allowing for secondary development of the robot. We provide detailed course materials for learning and open-source code, making it easy for you to realize various creative ideas!