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Spiderbot: Hiwonder Hexapod Programming Robot for Arduino Standard Version

Product SKU: HW20191
  • 【Arduino Programming, Open Source】Spiderbot is compatible with Arduino programming. The programs for Spiderbot are open-source, and learning tutorials and secondary development examples are available, making it easier for you to develop your robot.
  • 【High Performance, Support Sensor Expansion】 uHand UNO is equipped with a glowy ultrasonic sensor, a Dot Matrix Module, intelligent bus servos, and other high-performance hardware. Moreover, it provides multiple expansion ports for sensor integration, including accelerometer, touch sensor, sound sensor, etc., empowering users to engage in secondary development.
  • 【Versatile Control Options】Spiderbot supports pc software control, app control and wireless handle control.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nice educational robot

The materials of the components are top quality, its appearance is very cool and has a sense of modern technology. The instructions to access the source codes are very simple.The APP interface is clear, and via the APP, you can control the robot’s movement. The servos respond perfectly to the control.

The robot works well!

I personally loved this Spiderbot! As an avid robot user as well as a tinker with the Arduino I found that this fulfilled 2 of my favorite past times.The instructions are straight forward. And the servos on it are of high accuracy. The most important thing is that the servos have been centered and they are ready to use. The kit is made of high quality material, the build is on the high level of ability. Highly recommended for people who loves programming.

Manuel Valencia Ortega
Excellent ideal

I recommend this kit to experienced Arduino users. Robot is made from good material with decent instruction to program it yourself. The software provided is useful for remote control. The Arduino offers the ability to take it as far as you want.

Patrina Ng
A great project to improve your coding

This is a very well packed kit. The quality of the product is very good for the price. The motor is good quality, aluminum parts make this kit stand out compared to an acrylic cheaper alternatives. The Aurdino boards and expansion boards are powerful. This robot is not suitable for robot novice, because you need to have moderate DIY skills and programming skills to follow the instruction. Be ready to invest some time to program the robotic arm. I wanted to get a hang of C/C++ programming language. It serves the purpose very well. The RGB ultrasonic sensor and accelerometer are good addition to kit. They offer PC software, ios/ Andriod APP for remote control. The interface of these software is clear and easy for me to operate. The PC software is great on which you can control the servo and make Spiderbot to perform the action you want.
For me this is an absolutely good value kit for my purpose.

Manuel Valencia Ortega
This project was a blast.

There is no need to assemble by yourself, and it is ready to use when you receive the express. This is a great little kit for anyone interested in exploring mobile robotics in general and the impressive capabilities of Arduino in particular.
The construction of the robot is solid. The frame is metal. It includes most of the components you need to perform a number of robotics experiments. It allows PC software, APP and handle control of the robot. The provided instructions were very clear and easy to follow to experience this robot.
This is my second project from Hiwonder, both have been excellent. I highly recommend this project for someone looking for an cool project to get started. I think this is a great little kit and a good value.

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