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Jetson Board/Kit

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  • Compared with the entry-level Jetson Nano B01, Jetson Orin Nano interface resources are optimized and upgraded, and the performance is improved by 40~80 times. It is more suitable for users who need to learn artificial intelligence in depth or create difficult projects.
  • Pre-installed with the 8265AC NGW dual-band WIFI Bluetooth network module, with antennas built-in.
  • The core module of Jetson Orin Nano does not feature eMMC storage, so it is necessary to either install NVME SSD or utilize an SD card for storage. However, Hiwonder's development kit comes with a 256GB SSD, and the system image has been burned pre-flashed, ensuring immediate usability upon receipt.


  • Jetson Nano B01 can parallelize multiple neural network, object detection, segmentation and speech processing applications.
  • Jetson Nano B01 is equipped with a quad-core CORTEX-A57 processor, 128-core MAXWELL GPU and 4GB LPDDR memory, which brings sufficient AI computing power, can provide 472GFLOP, and supports a series of popular AI frameworks and algorithms, such as TENSORFLOW, PYTORCH, CAFFE /CAFFE2, KERAS, MXNET, etc.