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Raspberry Pi

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  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B and open source
  • Mini portable size with HD wide-angle camera
  • Integrate OpenCV and FPV vision for recognition and tracking
  • Built-in inverse kinematics for precise servo control
  • Support PC software and App control
  • Abundant learning materials are provided
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B/ CM4
  • Tiny desktop robot car with 5DOF robot arm
  • Learn AI machine vision by OpenCV
  • Realize omni-directional movement with mecanum wheels car
  • FPV vision for intelligent picking, target tracking, object sorting, etc
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B/ CM4 and based on ROS
  • Capable of gait planning and adopt linkage kinematics
  • Possess machine vision and work with OpenCV
  • Support Gazebo simulation
  • Ample tutorials and open-source codes are provided
  • High voltage bus servo
  • Video transmission
  • Provide open source code 
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B/ CM4
  • Based on Raspberry Pi 4B and Raspberry Pi extension board
  • PC software,phone App and VNC remote desktop control
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B/ CM4 which is optional
  • Equipped with HD wide-angle camera
  • FPV vision for facial recognition, tag recognition etc
  • ROS robot operating system and inverse kinematics
  • PC software, phone App and VNC remote desktop control
  • Provide Python source code
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B/ CM4 (included in the kit) and based on ROS
  • Equipped with HD wide-angle camera
  • Support FPV transmitted image
  • Powerful vehicle chassis for omni-directional movement
  • Open Source and abundant tutorial materials
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B and support Python programming
  • Work with OpenCV to realize AI vision recognition and tracking
  • Right hand and left hand are available
  • Open-source code and detailed tutorials are provided
  • 【High-performance Hardware Configurations】AiNex is developed upon Robot Operating System(ROS) and featuring a Raspberry Pi 4B, 24 intelligent serial bus servos, an HD camera, movable mechanical hands. It is a professional AI humanoid robot capable of lively mimicking human actions.
  • 【Advanced Inverse Kinematics Gait】AiNex integrates inverse kinematics algorithm for flexible pose control as well as gait planning for omnidirectional movement.
  • 【Outstanding AI Vision Recognition and Tracking】Leveraging technologies, like machine vision and OpenCV, AiNex excels in precise object recognition, enabling it to accomplish target.
  • 【Robot Control Across Platforms】AiNex provides multiple control methods, like WonderROS app (compatible with iOS and Android system), wireless handle, and PC software.
  • 【Detailed Tutorials and Professional After-sales Service】We offer an extensive collection of tutorials covering up to 18 topics.