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Hiwonder ArmPi Pro Raspberry Pi ROS Robotic Arm Developer Kit with 4WD Mecanum Wheel Chassis Open Source Robot Car

Product SKU: HW2019388
  • 【Omni-directional movement, first person view】The chassis is equipped with 4 high-performance encoder geared motors and 4 omni-directional mecanum wheels, ArmPi Pro can realize 360° movement. Combined with HD camera ending in robot arm, it can provide first person view.
  • 【Powerful Control System】RaspberryPi 4B/5 makes breakthrough in processor speed, multimedia performance, memory and connection. The combination of RaspberryPi 4B/5 and RaspberryPi expansion board significantly enhances ArmPi Pro's AI performance!
  • 【AI Vision Recognition, Target Tracking】ArmPi Pro takes OpenCV as image processing library and utilizes FPV camera to recognize and locate the target block so as to realize color sorting, target tracking, line following, and other AI games.
  • 【APP Control, FPV Transmitted Image】Android and iOS APP are available for robot remote control. Via the APP, you can control the robot in real time and switch various AI games just by one tap.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mario Vukosavljev
Having trouble after second use

Hi, thanks for the robot. I assembled it and was able to get it to work on the first usage yesterday after reading all the tutorials. More specifically I used the phone app and the PC pro software using NoMachine on my laptop. On the second usage a few hours later when I turned on the robot, during the 90s initialization the LX-225 servo (ID 5, or second servo from the base) appears to be commanded to an extreme angle beyond the valid range of motion rather than the initial posture. I was not able to command any of the servos in the app, and I am worried to use the arm while it is actively trying to reach a position it can't reach since it may overheat the servo. I have tried reconnecting the servo and battery connection, but this issue occurs every time I turn it on now. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi Mario, thanks for your order! Pls share the picture and video of your operation to our support email:

Erin Killins
Durable battery

It can completetly run for an hour. The tutorial is detailed in every respect, but if you want to develop more interesting programs, you must be an expert to robotics. Anyway, let me learn more about the robot first.

Solid steels. Extraordinarily strong. Prompt support

Strong body. Real materials. Fulfilling the expectations. Prompt support. It won't be nice not thanking Sales Manager Shelly. From the time of order till now excellent support received. Managed to join the robo with Home WiFi network. If anyone needs happy to help. Brilliant product

Marcel Bucher
Great product

Product is all of metall, no cheap plastic. I just started with using it with the remote control. Works perfectly. Now I'm looking forward to program it. Documentation looks also really good.
Transport to Switzerland also perfect. That was a good buy!

Thank you dear Marcel! Any question anytime!

Excellent robotic arm

The capability, movement, controllability and quality of the arm are excellent. The assembly difficulty is reasonable for a kit of this complexity and the robotic arm is already assembled. This is the kind of kit you want when your plan is to move up to something more capable and sophisticated, without spending thousands of $'s. Given the integration with RPi-hosted tools like OpenCV and ROS, there's a lot of intelligence available to this system. And so far i like it a lot very good.

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  • Where do you download the pc app?

    All materials can be found in:

  • what is the payload of this robotic arm manipulator?

    About 500g