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PuppyPi Hiwonder Quadruped Robot with AI Vision Powered by Raspberry Pi ROS Open Source Robot Dog

Product SKU: HW2019202
  • 【Driven by Raspberry Pi and Coreless Servos】PuppyPi is an AI vision quadruped robot driven by Raspberry Pi 4B/5 and built on the Robot Operating System (ROS). It is equipped with 8 stainless steel coreless servos, delivering high-precision performance, rapid rotation speed, and a robust torque of With an IMU sensor, PuppyPi can detect its posture in real-time, enabling self-balancing capabilities.
  • 【AI Vision, Unlimited Creativity】PuppyPi is equipped with an HD wide-angle camera boasting 100W-pixel resolution. It utilizes OpenCV library for efficient image processing, enabling a diverse range of AI applications, including target recognition and localization, line following, obstacle avoidance, face detection, ball shooting, color tracking and tag recognition.
  • 【Various Control Methods and FPV Live Camera Feed】You can conveniently control PuppyPi through WonderPi app available for Android and iOS devices, PC software, or a wireless PS2 handle. Additionally, PuppyPi Pro provides a first-person perspective experience by transmitting the live camera feed to the app.
  • 【Gait Planning, Free Adjustment】PuppyPi incorporates inverse kinematics algorithm offering precise control over the touch time, lift time, and lifted height of each leg. You can easily adjust these parameters to achieve different gaits, including ripple and trot. Additionally, PuppyPi Pro provides detailed analysis of inverse kinematics, along with the source code for the inverse kinematics function.
  • 【Lidar Expansion】PuppyPi Pro offers the option to expand its capabilities with a mini TOF lidar. This Lidar sensor enables PuppyPi to perform a 360-degree laser scanning of its environment, and execute various advanced functions such as synchronous localization, autonomous mapping, multi-point navigation, TEB path planning, dynamic obstacle avoidance, and advanced SLAM capabilities.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
yosra nouri

for 14days ive been trying to contact the sales people and no one gave me an approproate respond why my shippment was sent back. the tracking number that they gave me never existed and till now i have no news from them. i already paid for everything

Hi there!

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. The package will be randomly checked and delayed. Our team arranged a new shipment yesterday and updated the tracking number to your email. Please check it :D

Truely appreciate your BIG support!

Walter Martinez
Best quadruped ROS robot dog and great educational tool for university students to learn ROS!

I've been looking for a walking robot based on ROS that I could learn from and this HiWonder RaspberryPi ROS robot is the perfect platform. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn ROS and have an excellent high quality platform. I like inventing in education to make myself better and I love to experiment with robots. This one covers all the high end robotics you could think of. I give it an 11/10 stars! I am very impressed. Works out of the box if you don't want or care about programming just remote control it with your phone or a PS2 style controllers- works beautifully! Totally worth its weight in gold! I got mine from Amazon, but you can also order from their website. Links below to buy and the resources to download documentation, code, sample experiments (they are excellent and super fun!). Best investment I made this year! Lots of ROS jobs out there too.
I did a first reaction video and plan to do a lot more videos reviewing all of the tools and software games-experiments! So excited! YouTube video placeholder
Quick Shipmet Highly Recommend

Thanks to the great work of the support team, very professional with my issue. Everything is working fine now.
Its design and manufacturing quality are excellent, its body is solid and durable, and its details are also very good.

Kate Kim
I really like it.

I gave the robot to my daughter's birthday present. I really like the documents and source code. Thanks.

Happy birthday to your girl! Really appreciate your support :D

Jesse McAvoy
Worth Every Penny

This is an amazing, little robot. Superb product right out of the box and instant entertainment. Every inch is quality engineered, right down to the software app and preprogrammed commands. I love it!
Worry free transaction to the States and super, fast shipping. Thank you.

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