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Robotic Arm

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  • 【Driven by AI, powered by Jetson Nano】JetArm is a desktop-level AI vision robot arm developed for ROS education scenarios. It supports Python programming, uses deep learning frameworks, and is developed in conjunction with MediaPipe to implement AI creative projects such as object image recognition, somatosensory control, and voice interaction.
  • 【High-performance Vision Robot Arm】JetArm includes a 6DOF vision robot arm, featuring intelligent serial bus servos with a torque of 35KG. An HD camera is positioned at the end of robot arm, which provides a first-person perspective for object gripping tasks.
  • 【Depth Point Cloud, 3D Scene Flexible Grabbing】JetArm is equipped with a high-performance 3D depth camera. Based on the RGB data, position coordinates and depth information of the target, combined with RGB+D fusion detection, it can realize free grabbing in 3D scene and other AI projects.
  • 【Far-field Voice Interaction】JetArm ultimate kit incorporates a circular microphone array and speaker allowing for man-robot interaction applications, including Text to Speech conversion, 360° sound source localization, voice-controlled mapping navigation, etc. Integrated with vision robot arm, JetArm can implement voice-controlled gripping and transporting.
  • 【Robot Control Across Platforms】JetArm provides multiple control methods, like WonderAi app (compatible with iOS and Android system), wireless handle, Robot Operating System (ROS) and keyboard, allowing you to control the robot at will.
  • Powered by Jetson Nano(included)
  • Open source and based on ROS
  • Deep learning, model training, inverse kinematics
  • Abundant sensors for function expansion
  • Changeable robot models with mecanum wheel chassis or sliding rail
  • Powered by ESP32 microcontroller
  • Linkage mechanism for better inverse kinematics learning
  • Compatible with Hiwonder sensors for implementing different tasks
  • Worked with the sliding rail to simulate industrial scenario
  • Support Auduino and Python
  • Support APP, PC software, wireless handle and mouse controls
  • 【AI Vision Robot Powered by Raspberry Pi】ArmPi mini is a smart vision robot arm powered by Raspberry Pi. It adopts high-performance intelligent servos and HD camera, and can be programmed in Python. With its impressive capabilities, ArmPi mini unlocks diverse AI applications, such as smart vision-guided recognition and grasping.
  • 【AI Vision Recognition and Tracking】ArmPi mini combines a HD camera and OpenCV library to recognize and locate target objects, enabling the implementation of AI applications like color sorting, target tracking and intelligent stacking.
  • 【Inverse Kinematics Algorithm】ArmPi mini employs an inverse kinematics algorithm, enabling precise target tracking and gripping. It also provides complete source code for the inverse kinematics function assisting you in learning AI.
  • 【App Remote Control】 ArmPi mini offers ultimate remote control with a dedicated app (iOS/ Android) and PC software. In addition, you can access first-person-view perspective on the app giving you an immersed using experience.
  • Powered by open-source ESP32
  • Support MicroPython Programming and provide Python editor
  • With Hiwonder senors for secondary development
  • Support Multiple control methods
  • Visual APP Operation Interface and Graphic PC software
  • 【Driven by AI, Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano】JetMax is an open source AI robotic arm developed based on ROS. It is based on the Jetson Nano control system, supports Python programming, adopts mainstream deep learning frameworks, and can realize a variety of AI artificial intelligence applications.
  • 【AI Vision, Deep Learning】The end of JetMax is equipped with a high-definition camera, which can realize FPV video transmission. Image processing through OpenCV can recognize colors, faces, gestures, etc. Through deep learning, JetMax can realize image recognition and item handling.
  • 【Inverse Kinematics Algorithm】JetMax uses an inverse kinematics algorithm to accurately track, grab, sort and palletize target items in the field of view. Hiwonder will provide inverse kinematics analysis courses, connected coordinate system DH model and inverse kinematics function source code.
  • 【Multiple Expansion Methods】You can purchase additional McNamee wheel chassis or slide rails to expand your JetMax, expand the range of motion of JetMax, and do more interesting AI projects.
  • 【Detailed Course Materials and Professional After-sales Service】We provide 200+ courses and provide online technical assistance (China time) to help you learn JetMax more efficiently! Course content includes: introduction to the use of JetMax, ROS and OpenCV series courses, AI deep learning courses, inverse kinematics courses, action group editing teaching courses, and creative gameplay courses. Note: Hiwonder only provides technical assistance for existing courses, and more in-depth development needs to be completed by customers themselves.
  • Raspberry Pi 4B is included
  • Raspberry Pi extension kit ONLY, robot arm is NOT included
  • Upgrade xArm 1S robotic arm to AI vision function
  • Provide Python source code and detailed tutorials
  • Support PC software, phone App and VNC control
  • HD camera, built-in ROS with MoveIt! and inverse kinematics
  • 【ROS Robot Arm Powered by Raspberry Pi】ArmPi FPV is an open-source AI robot arm based on Robot Operating System and powered by Raspberry Pi. Loaded with high-performance intelligent servos and AI camera, and programmable using Python, it is capable of vision recognition and gripping.
  • 【AI Vision Recognition and Tracking】A HD wide-angle camera is positioned at the end of ArmPi FPV, providing real-time First-Person View (FPV) transmission with a resolution of 100W pixels. By processing images with OpenCV, it can recognize color, tag and human face, opening up a wide range of AI applications, such as color sorting, target tracking, intelligent stacking and face detection.
  • 【Inverse Kinematics Algorithm】ArmPi FPV employs an inverse kinematics algorithm, enabling precise target tracking and gripping within. It also provides detailed analysis on inverse kinematics, DH model, and offers the source code for the inverse kinematics function.
  • 【Robot Control Across Platforms】ArmPi FPV provides multiple control methods, like WonderPi app (compatible with iOS and Android system), wireless handle, mouse, PC software and Robot Operating System, allowing you to control the robot at will.
  • 【Abundant AI Applications】Guided by intelligent vision, ArmPi FPV excels in executing functions such as stocking in, stocking out, and stock transfer, realizing integration into Industry 4.0 environments.
  • 【xArm-UNO Unlimited Creativity】xArm UNO consists of the xArm 1S robot arm and a secondary sensor development kit. The xArm 1S is a high-quality desktop robot arm, while the sensor kit includes features such as a glowy ultrasonic sensor, color sensor, touch sensor, and more. By integrating these sensors with the robot arm, users can engage in various activities such as distance-based gripping, color sorting, sound control, and other interesting games.
  • 【Equipped with UNO R3, Support Arduino Programming】The kit includes UNO R3 and the UNO R3 expansion board, supporting Arduino programming. Detailed Arduino codes are provided, allowing you to implement a variety of creative functions.
  • 【Diverse Control Options】xArm-UNO supports control via PC, app, mouse, and a wireless handle. These features offer a wide range of access points for gaming and learning methods, making it highly suitable for innovative programming ideas and programming learning.
  • 【High-Quality Robot Arm】xArm 1S robot arm is constructed from aluminum alloy, equipped with industry-grade bearings, and features 6 high-accuracy and high-torque serial bus servos that provide feedback on position, voltage, and temperature.
  • STM32 chip for the main controller
  • Easy Visual Operation Interface
  • Support wireless handle control, smart phone APP and mouse control
  • Provide graphical PC software and detailed tutorials
  • AI / Python Programming
  • OPenCV/Machine Vision
  • High-definition Camera
  • Large capacity battery, long service time
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB
  • Open Python Source Code
  • Sopprt VNC Remote Desktop Control and APP
  • Upgraded Servo Controller
  • Brand-new Sensors
  • Inverse Kinematics Algorithm
  • Mobile/PC/handle/offline manual control
  • Based on Scratch/Python
  • Serial bus servo. Full metal gear