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Robotic Arm

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  • Powered by Jetson Nano(included)
  • Open source and based on ROS
  • Deep learning, model training, inverse kinematics
  • Abundant sensors for function expansion
  • Changeable robot models with mecanum wheel chassis or sliding rail
  • Powered by ESP32 microcontroller
  • Linkage mechanism for better inverse kinematics learning
  • Compatible with Hiwonder sensors for implementing different tasks
  • Worked with the sliding rail to simulate industrial scenario
  • Support Auduino and Python
  • Support APP, PC software, wireless handle and mouse controls
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B and open source
  • Mini portable size with HD wide-angle camera
  • Integrate OpenCV and FPV vision for recognition and tracking
  • Built-in inverse kinematics for precise servo control
  • Support PC software and App control
  • Abundant learning materials are provided
  • Powered by open-source ESP32
  • Support MicroPython Programming and provide Python editor
  • With Hiwonder senors for secondary development
  • Support Multiple control methods
  • Visual APP Operation Interface and Graphic PC software
  • Jetson Nano is included in the kit
  • Open-Source, First Person Vision
  • Inverse Kinematics, ROS
  • Deep learning, Model training
  • Multiple Extended Functions
  • Raspberry Pi 4B is included
  • Raspberry Pi extension kit ONLY, robot arm is NOT included
  • Upgrade xArm 1S robotic arm to AI vision function
  • Provide Python source code and detailed tutorials
  • Support PC software, phone App and VNC control
  • HD camera, built-in ROS with MoveIt! and inverse kinematics
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B which is optional
  • Equipped with HD wide-angle camera
  • FPV vision for facial recognition, tag recognition etc
  • ROS robot operating system and inverse kinematics
  • PC software, phone App and VNC remote desktop control
  • Provide Python source code
  • Support Arduino programming
  • Sensor kit with UNO R3 and UNO R3 expansion board
  • Provide 10 function games for the robot kit
  • Provide detailed tutorials and codes
  • Support wireless handle control, APP and mouse control
  • STM32 chip for the main controller
  • Easy Visual Operation Interface
  • Support wireless handle control, smart phone APP and mouse control
  • Provide graphical PC software and detailed tutorials
  • AI / Python Programming
  • OPenCV/Machine Vision
  • High-definition Camera
  • Large capacity battery, long service time
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB
  • Open Python Source Code
  • Sopprt VNC Remote Desktop Control and APP
  • Upgraded Servo Controller
  • Brand-new Sensors
  • Inverse Kinematics Algorithm
  • Mobile/PC/handle/offline manual control
  • Based on Scratch/Python
  • Serial bus servo. Full metal gear