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Hiwonder ArmPi mini 5DOF Vision Robotic Arm Powered by Raspberry Pi Support Python, OpenCV Target Tracking for Beginners

Product SKU: HW2019240
  • 【AI Vision Robot Powered by Raspberry Pi】ArmPi mini is a smart vision robot arm powered by Raspberry Pi. It adopts high-performance intelligent servos and HD camera, and can be programmed in Python. With its impressive capabilities, ArmPi mini unlocks diverse AI applications, such as smart vision-guided recognition and grasping.
  • 【AI Vision Recognition and Tracking】ArmPi mini combines a HD camera and OpenCV library to recognize and locate target objects, enabling the implementation of AI applications like color sorting, target tracking and intelligent stacking.
  • 【Inverse Kinematics Algorithm】ArmPi mini employs an inverse kinematics algorithm, enabling precise target tracking and gripping. It also provides complete source code for the inverse kinematics function assisting you in learning AI.
  • 【App Remote Control】 ArmPi mini offers ultimate remote control with a dedicated app (iOS/ Android) and PC software. In addition, you can access first-person-view perspective on the app giving you an immersed using experience.
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Customer Reviews

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Excellent robotic arm

Always excited when Hiwonder comes out with a new Raspberry Pi kit as I buy it. This one comes with only a small amount of assembly required. The arm itself comes assembled as they felt it might be too complicated for their intended audience. You just have to assemble base and controller. I got bought this to help me learn about A.I. and coding and so far i like it a lot very good.

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  • What software is required and how do I get it?

    Hi! software is provided by Hiwonder. Pls check this link: