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xArm 1S: Hiwonder Intelligent Bus Servo Robotic Arm for Programming

Product SKU: HW2019121
  • Intelligent Bus Servo: xArm 1S with position feedback, voltage feedback functions and high torque and convenient wiring. So that it can grab heavier object and has better performance.
  • Multiple Control Methods: xArm 1S supports wireless handle control, smart phone APP and mouse control.
  • Three Programming Methods: PC software/Smart phone APP/Offline manual action programming.
  • Powerful Control System: with ARM core CPU, built-in 4.0 Bluetooth module and 16M storage memory, robotic arm can save 1020 actions for each action group!
  • Quick Wiring: connect to the 7.5V 6A DC power supply directly without any voltage regulator module. The handle control receiver adopts USB design, which is easy to insert and greatly reduces the difficulty of wiring.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
mike oxmall

do you guys have a cad file for this?

Hi there, yes. Please provide your order number and request to our email:

Chris H
Hard to find windows softare very confusing

Hard to find windows software, this has been my best bet to get something installed:

Change the D during install for file path to a C

Hi Chris, PC software is on the tutorials file 3. PC software and APP learning. If you open the tutorial link, you can find very easily:
The link you shared is for bus servo controller not for xArm 1S robot arm

Seems cool but QR code link is broken

Was about to get assembling and the pieces and quality all look good but the QR code linking to the instruction manual is broken so it’s going to be a challenge to assemble 😅

Kristin Piotti
Missing Pieces

This product is actually quite interesting and fun to build, well what I could build. Currently it is incomplete because I do not have enough screws to complete the robotic arm. I looked through the box hoping I missed a little bag somewhere, but I have a feeling there was a slight miscalculation in the count when packaging. But for the most part it was fun to build, and I hope I can find extra screws to complete this project.

Hi Kristin! Pls share the picture of all screws you have to our emial and we will offer help ASAP:

Let's be fair, it could be better.

Plus points, I got it together and it works. The two major work arounds are the crappy screwdriver that differs from the really nice one in the videos and the diction of the Asian gal that is quite hard to understand. Especially the part that tells you she assembled it wrong but then just keeps moving. Even close caption YouTube translations struggle. A young person would get lost.
I'm a retired mechanical engineer and the support material after a couple years needs a thorough update. It is a real achievement to get it together.
The other missing info is it took a few minutes to boot up the first time. It gets mentioned in ancillary material later but I sat there worried about some major SNAFU until it gratuitously beeped.

Sorry for the inconvenience. There are the latest assembled tutorials for your refernce: xArm1S Robotic Arm Assembly 01:
xArm1S Robotic Arm Assembly 02:
xArm1S Robotic Arm Assembly 03:

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  • I purchased the robotic arm. I downloaded the computer app for it but noticed it is for PCs - Windows only. I own an Apple MacBook and need that version. Where do I obtain the Mac of the computer control software?

    Please download Mac version at this site: