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MasterPi Hiwonder AI Vision Robot Arm with Mecanum Wheels Car Powered by Raspberry Pi Open Source Robot Car

Product SKU: HW2019205
  • 【RPi AI Vision Robot】Support Python programming. Built on a Mecanum-wheel chassis, high-quality metal gear servos and HD camera.
  • 【Vision Robot Arm】5DOF robot arm and HD camera to locate and pick items.
  • 【360° Omnidirectional Movement】Advanced omnidirectional Mecanum wheels enable flexible 360° motion.
  • 【App Remote Control】 MasterPi offers ultimate control over its motion, gripping, and transportation with a dedicated app.
  • 【Extensive Tutorials】Access detailed guides on motion control, AI vision, PC software programming, OpenCV, and more.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
riyad almalki
i want to ask how many gram can the masterpi carry


Hi! 500g normally

Larry Sweeny

This hobby bot was exactly what I was looking for. Able to access the onboard raspberry pi and start programming. Company’s tutorials are good for a starting point, although some of the code comments etc are in Chinese. Tech support was responsive when I reached out to them with a question. Of course I’ve hit some snags along the way since I’m just a beginner programmer. But I’m very impressed with the quality of the chassis, all metal parts, etc. I will definitely purchase from this company again

It's True and ChatGPT

n the realm of robotics, HiWonder has established itself as a benchmark for excellence. My personal collection is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, featuring several of their robots, each exemplifying top-notch performance. What sets HiWonder apart is their dedication to not only refining the aesthetic appeal of their products but also enhancing their functionality over time. Their control software stands unparalleled, offering an intuitive and powerful platform for users to command their robots.

My interactions with their customer support team have been nothing short of positive. Queries are met with prompt and helpful responses, ensuring any issues are swiftly addressed. The MasterPi robot, in particular, represents a pinnacle of this innovative spirit. It is designed for expansion, inviting users to unlock its full potential. Leveraging ChatGPT, alongside the initial Python code provided by HiWonder, allows enthusiasts to imbue the MasterPi with new capabilities, fully realizing the vision HiWonder had for this product.

HiWonder doesn't just sell you a robot; they offer a foundation upon which to innovate. This philosophy is the cornerstone of their existence, encouraging users to explore, modify, and enhance. The MasterPi is a clear embodiment of this ethos, serving not just as a tool for learning and development but as a gateway to the vast possibilities of robotics.

my childhood dream

personally, this is one of HI wonders best has a sleek design with easy instructions and a long battery life. the arm is the cherry on the top to the car. Loving it

Jonathan Connell
Fun but irksome

This is a nice compact robot and I had a lot of fun putting it together. But the whole package is a bit rough and requires some hacking.

For instance, the fan plug would not fit in the servo area, so I had to build a cable to interface it with one of the GPIO connectors. And the mecanum control software is not quite right. You need a conversion factor of 0.24 on the drive speed to accept mm/sec translation commands, and a factor of 0.2 * pi/180 to accept deg/sec rotation commands. Furthermore, only certain ranges of speeds work reliably: 150-300 mm/sec and 90-120 deg/sec (which is never mentioned in the documentation).

Sadly there is really no support from Hiwonder. They will eventually respond to chat messages (not email) but never with any technical advice. So be prepared for hours of reading source code and searching on the web to figure out how to do things.

Hi Jonathan, sorry for the problem. May I know which email did you contact? We didn't received any emial from jconnell@***** in our

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  • can I have the cad files for the MasterPi kit

    Sorry, we cannot offer cad files for MaterPi, but we offer shematics, source code and system image for it:)