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Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi 4B 4G Board For Python Programming AI Vision Deep Learning Linux Development Board Raspberry Pi 4B 4G Board For Python Programming AI Vision Deep Learning Linux Development Board
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  • 1.5GHz 64-bit quad-core CPU
  • Support AI vision Development and AI Deep Learning
  • Powerful Raspberry Pi expansion board for secondary development
  • Several kits for your different development requirements
  • 7-inch standard display and 1024 * 600PX resolution
  • Touch control and easy wiring
  • Support standard HDMI interface input
  • Connect to Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano
  • Design for ROS robot mapping and navigation
  • 360° scanning, high frequency ranging, long ranging radius
  • Support Windows, Android, ROS, Linux systems
  • Provide SLAMTEC official learning materials
  • Meet FDA Class 1 safety standard
  • 【AI Vision Robot Powered by Raspberry Pi】ArmPi mini is a smart vision robot arm powered by Raspberry Pi. It adopts high-performance intelligent servos and HD camera, and can be programmed in Python. With its impressive capabilities, ArmPi mini unlocks diverse AI applications, such as smart vision-guided recognition and grasping.
  • 【AI Vision Recognition and Tracking】ArmPi mini combines a HD camera and OpenCV library to recognize and locate target objects, enabling the implementation of AI applications like color sorting, target tracking and intelligent stacking.
  • 【Inverse Kinematics Algorithm】ArmPi mini employs an inverse kinematics algorithm, enabling precise target tracking and gripping. It also provides complete source code for the inverse kinematics function assisting you in learning AI.
  • 【App Remote Control】 ArmPi mini offers ultimate remote control with a dedicated app (iOS/ Android) and PC software. In addition, you can access first-person-view perspective on the app giving you an immersed using experience.
  • Long service time of 10000h
  • 30000lux resistance to strong light 
  • Distance measurement up to 12m radius
  • 360° all-round laser scanning
  • Compatible with ROS1 and ROS2 systems


  • Working voltage: DC 5V
  • Max working current: 125mA
  • Size: 48mm×48mm
  • 4 Pin wire port. Connecting wire is provided. Easy to connect
  • The holes are compatible with LEGO bricks
  • 【Omni-directional movement, first person view】The chassis is equipped with 4 high-performance encoder geared motors and 4 omni-directional mecanum wheels, ArmPi Pro can realize 360° movement. Combined with HD camera ending in robot arm, it can provide first person view.
  • 【Powerful Control System】RaspberryPi 4B/5 makes breakthrough in processor speed, multimedia performance, memory and connection. The combination of RaspberryPi 4B/5 and RaspberryPi expansion board significantly enhances ArmPi Pro's AI performance!
  • 【AI Vision Recognition, Target Tracking】ArmPi Pro takes OpenCV as image processing library and utilizes FPV camera to recognize and locate the target block so as to realize color sorting, target tracking, line following, and other AI games.
  • 【APP Control, FPV Transmitted Image】Android and iOS APP are available for robot remote control. Via the APP, you can control the robot in real time and switch various AI games just by one tap.
  • 【RPi AI Vision Robot】Support Python programming. Built on a Mecanum-wheel chassis, high-quality metal gear servos and HD camera.
  • 【Vision Robot Arm】5DOF robot arm and HD camera to locate and pick items.
  • 【360° Omnidirectional Movement】Advanced omnidirectional Mecanum wheels enable flexible 360° motion.
  • 【App Remote Control】 MasterPi offers ultimate control over its motion, gripping, and transportation with a dedicated app.
  • 【Extensive Tutorials】Access detailed guides on motion control, AI vision, PC software programming, OpenCV, and more.
  • 【Driven by Raspberry Pi and Coreless Servos】PuppyPi is an AI vision quadruped robot driven by Raspberry Pi 4B/5 and built on the Robot Operating System (ROS). It is equipped with 8 stainless steel coreless servos, delivering high-precision performance, rapid rotation speed, and a robust torque of With an IMU sensor, PuppyPi can detect its posture in real-time, enabling self-balancing capabilities.
  • 【AI Vision, Unlimited Creativity】PuppyPi is equipped with an HD wide-angle camera boasting 100W-pixel resolution. It utilizes OpenCV library for efficient image processing, enabling a diverse range of AI applications, including target recognition and localization, line following, obstacle avoidance, face detection, ball shooting, color tracking and tag recognition.
  • 【Various Control Methods and FPV Live Camera Feed】You can conveniently control PuppyPi through WonderPi app available for Android and iOS devices, PC software, or a wireless PS2 handle. Additionally, PuppyPi Pro provides a first-person perspective experience by transmitting the live camera feed to the app.
  • 【Gait Planning, Free Adjustment】PuppyPi incorporates inverse kinematics algorithm offering precise control over the touch time, lift time, and lifted height of each leg. You can easily adjust these parameters to achieve different gaits, including ripple and trot. Additionally, PuppyPi Pro provides detailed analysis of inverse kinematics, along with the source code for the inverse kinematics function.
  • 【Lidar Expansion】PuppyPi Pro offers the option to expand its capabilities with a mini TOF lidar. This Lidar sensor enables PuppyPi to perform a 360-degree laser scanning of its environment, and execute various advanced functions such as synchronous localization, autonomous mapping, multi-point navigation, TEB path planning, dynamic obstacle avoidance, and advanced SLAM capabilities.
  • 【Raspberry Pi AI Robot】An ideal platform for conducting research in motion control for hexapod robots, machine vision, OpenCV, deep learning, and various other fields.
  • 【Loaded AI Vision Robot Arm】The added 5DOF vision robot arm empowers SpiderPi Pro to accurately locate, track, pick up, sort, and stack target objects precisely.
  • 【AI Vision for Infinite Creativity】Feature a wide-angle HD camera and use OpenCV for various AI vision applications such as transportation.
  • 【Support App Control】 Enjoy remote control of robot movements and access a live camera feed for first person view.
  • 【Inverse Kinematics, Various Gait Modes】SpiderPi Pro utilizes inverse kinematics to enable a range of gait modes of tripod and quadruped gaits. And it offers adjustable height and speed, as well as the ability to make turns and change its motion direction.
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B/5 and support Python programming
  • Work with OpenCV to realize AI vision recognition and tracking
  • Right hand and left hand are available
  • Open-source code and detailed tutorials are provided
  • 【RPi AI Humanoid Robot】Ideal for research in motion control, machine vision, OpenCV, deep learning, and more.
  • 【AI Vision for Infinite Creativity】Feature a wide-angle HD camera and use OpenCV for various AI vision applications such as transportation.
  • 【Flexible Control Methods and FPV Live Feed】Enjoy remote control of robot movements and access a live camera feed for first person view.
  • 【Upgraded Gait Algorithm】TonyPi Pro's advanced gait algorithm, combined with AI vision, enables a wide range of AI games and automatic gait adjustments.
  • 【Hand Expansion, Automated Gait Switching】Movable robot hands for enhanced task flexibility.
  • 【Expandable Sensors】Integrate various modules like ultrasonic sensors, MP3, touch sensors, and more to adapt TonyPi Pro to diverse AI scenarios.
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB and collaborate with Open CV
  • Abundant AI vision games, like face tracking, color tracking, etc
  • Loaded with HD camera and possess 2DOF
  • Open source Python code for fully playing with AI
  • Support Raspberry Pi 4B/3B
  • Support Jetson Nano
  • 16GB/32GB/64GB/ Jetson Nano
  • Designed for the Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Loaded cooling fan
  • Snap-on design of the upper and lower cover
  • Used for Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Micro-HDMI to HDMI transfer cable
  • Pay attention to the direction of the interface