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  • 【Arduino Programming, Open Source】Spiderbot is compatible with Arduino programming. The programs for Spiderbot are open-source, and learning tutorials and secondary development examples are available, making it easier for you to develop your robot.
  • 【High Performance, Support Sensor Expansion】 uHand UNO is equipped with a glowy ultrasonic sensor, a Dot Matrix Module, intelligent bus servos, and other high-performance hardware. Moreover, it provides multiple expansion ports for sensor integration, including accelerometer, touch sensor, sound sensor, etc., empowering users to engage in secondary development.
  • 【Versatile Control Options】Spiderbot supports pc software control, app control and wireless handle control.
  • Provide open source of Arduino
  • Provide PC software and infrared remote control
  • Abundant intelligent games, detailed tutorials
  • Upgrade glowing ultrasonic sensor
  • Hiwonder high voltage bus servos, long service time
  • Compatible with Hiwonder sensors


  • Compatible with Arduino/ STM32 programming
  • Source code and controller schematic are provided
  • Anti-blocking servo can upgrade the robot’s performance
  • Support handle control and PC software graphical programming
  • Open-source code and schematic
  • Serial bus design for neat wiring
  • Bluetooth communication for real-time control
  • Synchronize the action of LeArm, xArm 1S and Tankbot


  • 【xArm-UNO Unlimited Creativity】xArm UNO consists of the xArm 1S robot arm and a secondary sensor development kit. The xArm 1S is a high-quality desktop robot arm, while the sensor kit includes features such as a glowy ultrasonic sensor, color sensor, touch sensor, and more. By integrating these sensors with the robot arm, users can engage in various activities such as distance-based gripping, color sorting, sound control, and other interesting games.
  • 【Equipped with UNO R3, Support Arduino Programming】The kit includes UNO R3 and the UNO R3 expansion board, supporting Arduino programming. Detailed Arduino codes are provided, allowing you to implement a variety of creative functions.
  • 【Diverse Control Options】xArm-UNO supports control via PC, app, mouse, and a wireless handle. These features offer a wide range of access points for gaming and learning methods, making it highly suitable for innovative programming ideas and programming learning.
  • 【High-Quality Robot Arm】xArm 1S robot arm is constructed from aluminum alloy, equipped with industry-grade bearings, and features 6 high-accuracy and high-torque serial bus servos that provide feedback on position, voltage, and temperature.
  • Highly compatible with Arduino
  • Multiple 4P Connectors
  • Able to connect 3 wire sensor