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JetAuto Pro ROS Robot Car with Vision Robotic Arm Powered by Jetson Nano Support SLAM Mapping/ Navigation/ Python

Product SKU: HW2019256
  • 【Smart ROS Robots Driven by AI】 JetAuto Pro is a professional robotic platform for ROS learning and development, powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano B01 and supports Robot Operating System (ROS). It leverages mainstream deep learning frameworks, incorporates MediaPipe development, enables YOLO model training.
  • 【SLAM Development and Diverse Configuration】JetAuto Pro is equipped with a powerful combination of a 3D depth camera and Lidar. It utilizes a wide range of advanced algorithms including gmapping, hector, karto and cartographer, enabling precise multi-point navigation, TEB path planning, and dynamic obstacle avoidance.
  • 【High-performance Vision Robot Arm】JetAuto Pro includes a 6DOF vision robot arm, featuring intelligent serial bus servos with a torque of 35KG. An HD camera is positioned at the end of robot arm, which provides a first-person perspective for object gripping tasks.
  • 【Far-field Voice Interaction】JetAuto Pro advanced kit incorporates a 6-microphone array and speaker allowing for man-robot interaction applications, including Text to Speech conversion, 360° sound source localization, voice-controlled mapping navigation, etc. Integrated with vision robot arm, JetAuto Pro can implement voice-controlled gripping and transporting.
  • 【Robot Control Across Platforms】JetAuto Pro provides multiple control methods, like WonderAi app (compatible with iOS and Android system), wireless handle, Robot Operating System (ROS) and keyboard, allowing you to control the robot at will.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Franck Nouyrigat
learning slowly

great device, i would suggest the next gen to have e an easier / smarter battery management. it seems the battery is the weak point. the team at hi wonder is amazing and did help me a lot, can’t wait to learn how to use it

What an amazing ROS robot car!

This robot car runs very fast. You must give it enough room on the floor. Also the mecanum wheels seem best on hard floors or very low carpet secured to the floor. Deeper carpet or transitioning on\off rugs can cause the mecanum wheels to not drive straight or get hung up.
With the provided source code, i can create my own easily. I think i can learn much for JetAuto :)

Pierre L.
Great robot to learn basics of robotics. Fully recommend.

Excellent tool to learn robots / robotics. I only used the robot for a few days so far but the robot itself is nice and looks sturdy. The manual gives a lot of detailed explanations and goes really from scratch (e.g. "What's an operating system" ?) to advanced features (e.g. training and deploying a vision model for your applications). For that price, I fully recommend it.

Jonathan Connell
Learning Curve

The hardware and software seem reasonably robust but the documentation is scattered (200+ PDF files!) and sometimes contradictory. Also, useful information is missing, such as an explanation of the directory structure on the robot and a catalog of ROS nodes and the messages they generate/accept.

As a newbie don't follow the instructions in order. Ignore everything about installing a virtual machine and instead use NoMachine as described in "7. Motion Control Lesson / 1. Basic Control Lesson / Lesson 1 Build Development Environment". This gives you a remote graphical connection to the robot with a file browser, text editor, and command line. Note that when used for code development (no motion) the robot's battery lasts about 2.5 hours.

I am fluent in Visual C++ on Windows but Linux, Python, and ROS are all new to me. I found it best to start in the middle by examining the code connecting the gamepad to the robot. This is covered in "7. Motion Control Lesson / 1. Basic Control Lesson / Lesson 9 Handle Control". On the robot try editing the function "axes_callback" in file "/home/jetauto/jetauto_ws/src/jetauto_peripherals/scripts/" to alter the operation of the joysticks (e.g. connect 'lx' to rotation instead). This will expose you to a lot of Python and ROS, but be aware that there is much extraneous (disabled) functionality in this file.

J Nath
Robot Programming

Its a very interesting robot. Any option to program this robot in embedded C/Python or Matlab as per user requirment.
What is the IDE and specified controller used here

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