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TonyPi Pro Hiwonder Humanoid Robot Professional Development Kit Powered by Raspberry Pi 5

Product SKU: HW2019184
  • 【RPi AI Humanoid Robot】Ideal for research in motion control, machine vision, OpenCV, deep learning, and more.
  • 【AI Vision for Infinite Creativity】Feature a wide-angle HD camera and use OpenCV for various AI vision applications such as transportation.
  • 【Flexible Control Methods and FPV Live Feed】Enjoy remote control of robot movements and access a live camera feed for first person view.
  • 【Upgraded Gait Algorithm】TonyPi Pro's advanced gait algorithm, combined with AI vision, enables a wide range of AI games and automatic gait adjustments.
  • 【Hand Expansion, Automated Gait Switching】Movable robot hands for enhanced task flexibility.
  • 【Expandable Sensors】Integrate various modules like ultrasonic sensors, MP3, touch sensors, and more to adapt TonyPi Pro to diverse AI scenarios.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Christian Aschauer
Thanks to Hiwonder Support


first of all, thanks for this phantastic product.
TonyPi Pro is not only a robot to just play with it. It offers lots of possibilities to learn how to use different sensors and to increase your python skills in companionship with the powerful raspberry Pi 4. If you dive deep enough into the materia, you should be able to create a robot with unique behaviours by your own creativity.

A very good exprience I've had, when I needed technical support. It was more than helpful and the response time (China<->Germany) was amazingly quick.

Thanks a lot



Good robot

Very fast delivery, good support. Unfortunately, the servo motor on the top right leg doesn't work. I'm trying to resolve the issue, but for now, I still have the problem. However, I'm very satisfied with my purchase overall.

Hi there, thank you for your review! We're sending email to for problem detials. No worries we will help you to fix it

They finally helped me

Finally, after my review, they sent me the document with the solution. If I had done it sooner I wouldn't have wasted so much time. The robot works perfectly but the customer service has its flaws.

High quality with room to tinker and expand

It's so nice to graduate to a high quality robot with firm parts instead of acrylics. This robot, like their others, is well put together. Love the humanoid aspect. You can use the existing action groups they created (someone even choreographed three entire dances!) or you can make your own, and use your own in your code. There are two exposed USB ports, with one being used for the camera. I personally bought a small hub to extend these, though I would caution putting too much on Tony as he needs stability and freedom for some of his moves. It is, however, possible to add a cheap mic and speaker if you want to increase the realism. I would suggest integrating OpenAI if you know how! It really makes them come alive. I speak to him naturally and have him gesture and track my face whenever he responds, and it looks and feels like I have a robot friend! I also use function calling and GPT-4 to let OpenAI choose gestures so that he can decide to wave, or hit his chest, or grab things, or walk around, etc.

The possibilities are vast since he runs on an entire working computer thanks to the Raspberry Pi.

I would also suggest buying at least one extra servo just in case. I had to replace one that overheated. I used one of his hand servos and changed the ID and the angle using their tool.

Brody Ekvall

TonyPi Pro Hiwonder Humanoid Robot Professional Development Kit Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB

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