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Hiwonder JetAuto ROS Robot Car Powered by Jetson Nano with Lidar Depth Camera Touch Screen, Support SLAM Mapping and Navigation

Product SKU: HW2019223
  • 【Smart ROS Robots Driven by AI】JetAuto is powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano B01 and supports Robot Operating System (ROS). It leverages mainstream deep learning frameworks, incorporates MediaPipe development, enables YOLO model training, and utilizes TensorRT acceleration. This combination delivers a diverse range of 3D machine vision applications, including autonomous driving, human feature recognition, and KCF target tracking.
  • 【SLAM Development and Diverse Configuration】JetAuto is equipped with a powerful combination of a 3D depth camera and Lidar. It utilizes a wide range of advanced algorithms including gmapping, hector, karto, cartographer and RRT, enabling precise multi-point navigation, TEB path planning, and dynamic obstacle avoidance. Using 3D vision, it can capture point cloud images of the environment to achieve RTAB 3D mapping navigation.JetAuto offers two Lidar options: SLAMTEC A1 and EAI G4 (advanced).
  • 【Far-field Voice Interaction】JetAuto advanced kit incorporates a 6-microphone array and speaker allowing for fascinating man-robot interaction applications, including Text to Speech conversion, voice wake-up, 360° sound source localization, offline voice recognition, voice-controlled mapping navigation, etc.
  • 【Robot Control Across Platforms】JetAuto provides multiple control methods, like WonderAi app (compatible with iOS and Android system), wireless handle, Robot Operating System (ROS) and keyboard, allowing you to control the robot at will. By importing corresponding codes, you can command JetAuto to perform specific actions. Please note that navigation app is exclusively available for Android system.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lester Mcpherson
This is the Robot you need.

I honestly can't believe what a good job Hiwonder did with this robot. I am not paid or getting anything for this review. The robot was extremely well put together and the wiring management was top notch. Everything advertised by Hiwonder aboiut this robot is 100% true. I can't really think of any negatives - it wasn't cheap but it was worth it. The screen is awesome, the camera is reall really really good - the price is not cheap but you really are getting what you pay for. One piece of advice i would give is if you are new to Robotics like me, take your time to really learn an understand the various systems. I also bought the TonyPi Pro, the Spiderbot Pro and the Amrpi Pro - all of them awesome....tempted on the PuppyPi Pro!! :-)

Great material for studying AI

There are plenty of tutorials, videos, and software that can be downloaded from the homepage, which are very useful for learning AI computing.

initial review

1, Functions of robot, very good as it includes
1, APP control with iphone, which is easy to start learning.
2, remote control via PC with NoMachine, which makes easy operation.
3, sereral types of AI, SLAM and path planning algo etc.,

2, Sales support is fast and quick. Receipt service and shipping was smooth.

Dhruv Patel
Received Damaged Encoder - Unable to run robot

The Team at hiwonder is really good at solving bottlenecks. After waiting 15 days, when I received Ros jet car standard kit - encoders were damaged - soldering was broken and no traces was found within a package. The team has been proactive to listen my complain and they ensured they’d ship new encoders - let’s wait for the update and the new encoders if they are going to deliver or that’s just a talk.

Dear Dhruv! May I know how's the working of your JetAuto now? Very appreciate if you can share more with us :D

car is amazing

The car is amazing but if the charge core is not on bottom of the car,it can easy for charging.

Questions & Answers

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  • Hi I am a researcher at York University in Toronto, Canada. I am interested in your product "Hiwonder JetAuto" for a use in multi-robot configurations. In this context, I want to have more details on the communication architectures that are possible through WIFI. Can we stablish decentralized talking, where each robot can individually and independently talk to a neigboring robot without having to route the message through a WIFI router ???? I noticed each vehicle is equipped with antennas, do you think we can make the antennas exchange signals directly without linking to a central router ? If not then routing all the vehicles through a central router within a standard WIFI network to establish communications is required, in that case, what do you recommend to manage communication protocols and priorities for multiple robots talking simultaneously ? Do you have a custom solution ? Thank you very much.

    Under AP direct connection mode, it is possible to interconnect multiple JetAutos. However, it is important to note that the quality of the connection may not be as optimal as when using a router. In order to ensure efficient multi-robot control and formation, we typically utilize ROS distributed communication. This application necessitates a high-quality communication bandwidth. Therefore, we recommend using a router for optimal performance and reliable operation.