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Christmas Kids Gift

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  • Graphic Scratch and Python Program
  • Compatible with LEGO and sensor
  • Encoder motor has precise performance
  • Support WonderCam smart vision module
  • Free programming platform and get started learning tutorials.
  • micro:bit Block Editor and Python language
  • Dozens of robot shapes are available
  • Equipped with dozens of electronic modules
  • Intelligent serial bus servo
  • App and PC-end offline software
  • Aluminium alloy frame
  • Multiple control methods
  • Web graphical programming
  • Online programming and charging
  • Compatible with Hiwonder all series sensors
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Tiny desktop robot car with 5DOF robot arm
  • Learn AI machine vision by OpenCV
  • Realize omni-directional movement with mecanum wheels car
  • FPV vision for intelligent picking, target tracking, object sorting, etc
  • Support Arduino programming
  • Sensor kit with UNO R3 and UNO R3 expansion board
  • Provide 10 function games for the robot kit
  • Provide detailed tutorials and codes
  • Support wireless handle control, APP and mouse control
  • Powered by ESP32 microcontroller
  • Linkage mechanism for better inverse kinematics learning
  • Compatible with Hiwonder sensors for implementing different tasks
  • Worked with the sliding rail to simulate industrial scenario
  • Support Auduino and Python
  • Support APP, PC software, wireless handle and mouse controls
  • Digital Servo
  • Anti-blocking servo
  • Plenty of Sensors
  • Long Service Time
  • Aluminum Alloy Structure
  • Anti-skid Pad
  • Easy to Wire