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Hiwonder Wireless Glove Open-source Somatosensory Mechanical Glove for Robot Control

Product SKU: HW2019173
  • 【Open Source Somatosensory Gloves, Compatible with Arduino】Hiwonder somatosensory gloves are open source bionic robot control gloves, compatible with the Arduino development environment, and support secondary development, allowing you to realize creative robot projects.
  • 【Built-in Acceleration Sensor and High-precision Potentiometer】The somatosensory gloves have 5 built-in encoders and 1 acceleration sensor. They transmit data through the built-in Bluetooth module and control your robot as you like.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robert C.

So, this wireless glove is pretty neat. It's not too big, just fits on your hand. You can use it with those Arduino things, and it's also good for controlling my uHand2.0.


This wireless glove is a magic controller for robots. The Bluetooth thing makes it talk nicely to other devices. I tried it with a robot game, and it was like I could tell the robot what to do just by moving my hand. They even give you the plans and codes to play around with, so you can make it do more if you want.

Flexible motion

This glove is comfy to wear, and the parts and electronics are well done. When you wear it, your fingers can move easily without much limit. It's good at figuring out how your hand moves and what gestures you make. It's a good and affordable glove for studying how people and machines can work together. I really like it and suggest giving it a try!

More codes for ref would help

I believe this is amazing. However, I get the hand not found after I installed the correct libs. from the youtube video. Is there more generic codes we can see? Thank you!

Hi Sean, thank you! There is a video in the tutorial for your reference. If you still have question, please share more details and email us:

Worth it

This glove can be used to control many products. I can use different gesture to control my robot, it is supper funny. I can also program this glove to extend more functions.Super cool!!

Questions & Answers

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  • HI i have a question Can the Hiwonder Wireless Glove, be adapted to retrieve resistance and acceleration values? Additionally, is it possible to convert these values into natural language outputs for assistive communication applications, specifically for aiding individuals who are deaf and mute?

    The wireless glove can retrieve acceleration value. This product is mainly used to control robots. If you need to use it for other purpose, you need to program the wireless glove by yourself