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Serial High Voltage Bus Servo Anti-burning and Anti-blocking Intelligent Serial Port High Torque High Precision with Feedback Dedicated for Mechanical Claws

Product SKU: HW2019463
  • Built-in Anti-burning and Anti-blocking Algorithm
  • High Temperature Resistant Motor
  • ID Identification Bus Communication
  • Supports Servo Mode and Geared Motor Mode
  • Temperature/Voltage Feedback and Angle Readback
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Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Connell
Reasonably robust but limited

This is the gripper servo in JetArm. If you just want a sturdy servo that responds to digital commands, then this is fine. However there are some limitations you should be aware of.

The unit has a similar serial protocol to the Robotis AX-12 but only runs at 115200 baud, not 1 Mbaud. This can be a problem if you have many servos, or want to update a whole set at approximately the SAME time (you have to dribble out all the commands ...).

Another undocumented property is that the readable data only updates at 15Hz. Given that there is a one cycle latency with commands, any external closed loop control only runs at 7.5Hz.

Finally, the servo claims to report actual potentiometer position but really seems to just echo the internally ramped command. You can set an angular target then physically block the motion of the servo, yet it will still report that it got all the way to the goal position.

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