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Servo Controller

LSC-16: Hiwonder 16 Channel Servo Controller with Over-Current Protection

Product SKU: HW2019065
  • 【High Precision & Adjustable Speed Servo Tester】CPU uses a high-performance STM32 microcontroller with ARM Cortex-M3 core to control 16-channel servo movement with high precision and adjustable speed. With signal isolation protection, the servo output is isolated from the CPU to avoid servo current surge damage to the CPU.
  • 【16-channel Intelligent Servo Controller】Support serial communication, the 16-channel servo controller can communicate with other microcontrollers through TTL-level serial communication, and other microcontrollers can send commands to the control board. So that your robot can realize intelligent control, you can play sound control, body sensing, tracking, light chasing, and obstacle avoidance with it.
  • 【With Over-current Protection】Simple wiring. Built-in switch, easy to use, reduces wiring troubles. All 8-channel servo ports have over-current protection! It greatly prevents the servo from being burnt out due to block.
  • 【Large Capacity Memory】16M large capacity memory, enough for your use. Can hold 230 action groups, each action group can hold 510 actions.
  • 【2 Control Modes】Support online debugging, no need to install a driver. Support two offline running modes, you can run offline for 1 time or cycle offline countless times.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very impressed

The board seems to work very well under Windows. I have not found Linux support yet, but I think there is some on Github.

What really impressed me is that it survived me connecting the servo power with the wrong polarity. The board got hot, and I cursed myself for making such a stupid mistake - but the board survived. It still works perfectly.

Great for robot DIY

Work nicely with several servos on my self DIY robot. The movement was smooth and solid without the "hold position" jitters seen in many other products. It is nice to have PC software to control the servo movement. An indispensable component for my project. Love it!

Does what its supposed to

I used this for a robot arm project. Was nice and simple. Mounted nicely. The board soldered up great and works wonderfully. It does take a little work to assemble, but that is half the fun of doing these projects. This board is really good to connect multiple servos for me to build up a robot project. If you are a novice user, this servo controller is an optimal option.

Simple wiring design

The servo controller only has anode and cathode power port for easy wiring. It can connect to 16 servos at most at one time, which is sufficient enough for my robot project. And they provide PC software. On it, I can control the servo to move. All in all, it is necessary stuff for my secondary development on the robot project!

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