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DaDa:bit and Qbit

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  • More than 200 structural parts
  • Support micro:bit program
  • Provide kids with creative life scenes
  • Unified connector and plug-and-play
  • More DIY extensions are available to every users
  • 【One-click Training and Learning】DaDa:bit AI features a high-performance WonderCam AI vision module with an integrated HD camera. DaDa:bit AI's AI vision module is integrated with some learning algorithms, allowing it to complete diverse AI vision projects such as color recognition and vision line following.
  • 【Support micro:bit Programming】DaDa:bit AI is a programmable robot kit based on micro:bit, which uses micro:bit as the core controller. It is suitable for learning micro:bit programming. Drag and drop building block style modules for programming, which is easy to learn. Let children learn programming without any threshold and exercise logical thinking.
  • 【Multiple Shapes Support Sensor Expansion】DaDa:bit AI has ten shapes, which can be matched with a variety of electronic modules and sensors. Combined with the WonderCam AI vision module, it can quickly realize a variety of creative gameplay.