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Want Unique Robot Model? JetTank Robot Tank Comes

Adopt continuous tracks, but its movement is not inferior to wheels! Designed as a Tank, JetTank has high terrain adaptability. Not only it is cool and aggressive on the outside, but also is extremely powerful on the inside.
  • Move on Various Terrains
  • Using continuous tracks, JetTank can drive on rough terrain without getting stuck, such as grass and cobblestone road, which diversifies the applications in different scenes. JetTank supports hands-free control. Through APP and wireless handle, JetTank can be controlled to move and execute different tasks.
  • TEB Planning to Avoid Obstacle
  • JetTank adopts TEB planning path to realize dynamic obstacle avoidance. Its Lidar builds a local map first by obtaining the information of surrounded objects in real time. Then TEB algorithm starts path planning based on the local map to achieve dynamic obstacle avoidance.
  • AI Interaction Based on MediaPipe
  • MediaPipe is an open-source framework of multi-media machine learning models. Combining MediaPipe and depth camera, JetTank can achieve fingertip trajectories recognition, human body tracking, 3D detection and 3D face detection, etc. With MediaPipe, the challenge of developing other JetTank applications can be easily addressed.
  • Realistic Gazebo Simulation
  • Via Gazebo, a realistic virtual physical environment can be rendered to test and experiment how the robot completes the task. For JetTank, Gazebo can be used to simulate mapping and navigation. You can build the scene you want in Gazebo, then use wireless handle to control JetTank to move around the simulated scene so as to complete the map.
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