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TonyPi Amazes the Popular YouTuber!

TonyPi scales new high in social media! Recently, KhanFlicks, a tech YouTuber, has released a TonyPi Unboxing Video which hits 20,000+ views.
Khan Flicks has started testing various kinds of high-tech products since 2015. More than 1,000 videos are posted covering the fields of STEAM education, toy, artificial intelligence, geek ideas, etc. Until now, his subscriber is up to 820k and the total number of views reaches 380 million.
When he found TonyPi, he was so excited and hoped to do a test of TonyPi! And without letting him down, TonyPi’s high cost effective and versatile performance make him scream out many times in the video!
Apart from the impressive accomplishment in social media, article about TonyPi was published on The MagPi, official Raspberry Pi magazine.
What is TonyPi?
TonyPi is an intelligent visual humanoid robot powered by Raspberry Pi 4B. It is designed for robotic enthusiast to learn AI, robotics, programming and electronics.
PC software and mobile APP are available for convenient robot control. Loaded with HD camera and collaborating with OpenCV, it adepts at various AI vision games, including auto ball shooting, color recognition, tag recognition, face recognition, color recognition, line following, etc. Besides, it is equipped with high-voltage bus servo attributed to nimble movement and longer service life. With built-in action groups, TonyPi can complete many challenging motion like push-ups.
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