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Robotic Arm + ROS SLAM Robot Car = JetAuto Pro

What is a robot like bringing mecanum wheel car, robotic arm, Lidar, depth camera and microphone array all together? JetAuto Pro is here to tell you what will happen.
  • Freely Switch between Two Models
  • Vision robotic arm and depth camera can be dissembled to freely switch between two robot models. Meet various requirements of your robotic project.
  • Pick while Navigating
  • Seamless collaboration of vision robotic arm and Lidar makes it 'robot waiter'. Put JetAuto Pro in an unknown environment. Lidar is responsible for finding the target with its navigation function. When target is located, robotic arm will pick and transfer it to specific position. Since payload of robotic arm is more than 350g, delivering a drink is an easy mission.
  • 3D Mapping, Navigation and Detection
  • Depth camera functions as JetAuto Pro's "eye" helping it map and navigate in a strange space. It obtains coordinates of each point in the image and reconstructs 3D data to implement 3D mapping and navigation. Combining MediaPipe framework and depth camera, JetAuto Pro can execute various 3D tasks, such as human body recognition, fingertip detection, face detection and 3D detection.
  • Voice Control
  • With microphone array, JetAuto Pro has a sharp sense of hearing to catch your commands. After waking up JetAuto Pro with specific voice command, "Hello, Hiwonder" in general, you can command it to accomplish multiple tasks. Voice commands can be changed through programming. For example, pick a carrot, navigate to the door, etc.
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    • J Connell - Jul 05, 2023

      This looks like a great robot (similar to LoCoBot WX), but are there any software examples? I saw the big download section but these are text instructions mostly. Is there complete source code available for the “Pick while navigating” or “Voice control” demos?

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