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How Does Lidar Inspire PuppyPi Pro to Work?

With the assistance of Lidar in SLAM mapping and navigation, PuppyPi Pro is competent in accomplishing more complex tasks. ROS robot dog and Lidar make a perfect match!

Why do we choose TOF Lidar?

LiDAR-LD19-TOF Lidar ranges the distance based on laser time of flight, which guarantees that the ranging accuracy will not be degraded by the increasing distance. Its ranging radius is up to 12m, and 4500 times per second ranging frequency contributes to 360 degrees omnidirectional scanning and ranging without blind area. Lightweight and small, this Lidar doesn’t make the robot cumbersome, and not impact the robot’s speed to assure the quality of mapping and navigation.

How does Lidar work?

Firstly, Lidar consists of a range measurement sensor that repeatedly emits light. After the light hits a object, it is reflected back to the Lidar which then determines the distance to the object by measuring how long the light needs to meet the target and return. Lidar can spin 360 degrees, hence range measurements are taken quickly, providing a two-dimensional view of the entire robot’s surroundings.

What does the combination of Lidar and ROS robot dog bring?

Lidar is talented in SLAM mapping and navigation for estimating robot motion and reconstructing the structure in an unknown environment. With the aid of Lidar, PuppyPi Pro can detect the surroundings in real time and plan the path to get out of the maze. In addition, other advanced functions can also be implemented, such as Lidar guarding and Lidar tracking.

More potential of PuppyPi Pro awaits your tapping. Use your ideas to further ignite the spark between Lidar and robot dog.

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