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Hiwonder ROS Bionic Robot Dog

Picture a dog-like quadruped robot which can trot, amble, walk, possesses 8 DOF, is based on ROS and support OpenCV AI functions and . And this is now, your dream teammate PuppyPi debuts assisting in exploring robotic world. And its potential goes beyond these. What makes PuppyPi stand out?
  • Move Like a Real Dog
  • For it, climbing hill is a cinch. PuppyPi supports various gaits, including trot, amble and walk. And its linkage mechanism is conducive to efficient, nimble and vigorous joint movement. Other than that, the built-in inverse kinematics enables us to design more cool actions. Its animal-like behavior will absolutely electrifies the crowd.
  • Recognize Its "Owner"
  • The combination of HD camera and OpenCV unlocks all sorts of AI functions, therefore PuppyPi has the ability to recognize human faces. And so smart it is that it will interact with you after successful recognition. Besides, it can execute other AI games, including target tracking, line following, auto climbing, color tracking, tag recognition and so on.
  • Expandable Functions
  • Compatible with MP3 module, touch sensor, dot matrix display, ultrasonic sensor and other modules, PuppyPi serves as "test field" for your creative ideas. For example, program PuppyPi to display the text on dot matrix module.
  • Run On ROS
  • The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of software libraries and tools that help you build robot applications. It has what you need for your robotics project. With plentiful resources, ROS absolutely simplifies your secondary development on PuppyPi.
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