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ArmPi mini Starts Your Programming Journey

ArmPi mini is a mini robotic arm that lets you learn robotics and programming by interfacing with Raspberry Pi. Anyone who knows or doesn't know programming can take this as first go! Why does it suit for beginners?
  • Flexibly Reach Anywhere
  • Compared with giant robotic arm, this mini 4DOF robotic arm makes it easier to control. 4DOF is enough for flexible translational and rotational motion and reaching most places.
  • Easy-to-operate Software
  • User-friendly software and simple GUI allows you to control it to accomplish multiple daily tasks even without programming. Color recognition, color sorting, target tracking and intelligent stacking all can be done by just a few "tap".
  • Completely Open-source Platform
  • ArmPi mini promotes open-source by sharing hardware and software. The accessible source codes makes Python programming simpler. You are encouraged to add features to them to animate your amazing ideas.
  • Mini but Powerful!
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