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Qdee: Teach Kids Everything about Robot and Coding

Qdee is a Robot Kit designed to teach kids everything about the robot.

Hiwonder Qdee Robot

With Qdee, Kids can utilize micro:bit to fully realize their ideas and truly unlock their imagination. 

 Hiwonder Qdee Robot


HiwonderQdee Robot

Hiwonder Qdee Robot

Hiwonder Qdee Robot

Each Qdee kit is crafted with high-quality aluminum, eco-friendly ABS material, and cutting-edge sensor.

Hiwonder Qdeee Robot

Hiwonder Qdee Robot

We designed an extension board plug-in for micro:bit to widen its functionality, allowing the user to utilize RGB lights, sound sensors, infrared remote control transmitting and receiving sensors, and buzzers to construct their ideal robot. 

Hwiodner Qdee Robot

With a robot kit of this caliber makeup, a child can bring whatever they envision to life - a tank or a unicorn, a rover or a dinosaur, an assistant or an explorer - through technology and inspiration. It’s DIY fun at it’s most constructive.

bring whatever your envision to life

Hiwonder Qdee

Hiwodner Qdee

With an array of servos and sensors, Qdee provides kids with the potential to build a wide variety of mechanical models, learn coveted programming skills and foster a DIY work ethic.

- Qdee Starter Kit Showcase -

- Qdee Standard Kit Showcase -

Hiwonder Qdee

 - Compatibility with Lego -

Hiwonder Qdee Robot

 The Qdee kit and Lego blocks can join forces, giving kids more reason to play and more opportunity to create!

- Experiment with Home IoT -

Kids can learn the workings of everyday appliances by using Qdee to experiment with the IoT in their very own homes.


Qdee is compatible with a graphical programming environment based on Microsoft MakeCode. With it, kids can just drop-and-play to realize their creative visions. And the web software provides both block and text editors, online or offline, for learners of all levels.

Play Qdee with App

 Kids can also make their own code, play games, read sensors using the Qdee app (iOS and Android) and wirelessly control their robots through Bluetooth.

Hiwonder Qdee Robot

Control Qdee with remote controller

Beside Mobile App, Mac and PC, Qdee also can be controlled by Remote Controller. Simply pair them via Bluetooth, and enjoy playing Qdee.

Hiwonder Qdee

- Play with Friends -

Kids can connect, cooperate and create robots together, empowering them socially, challenging them intellectually and enthralling them for hours.

- Involve Parents and Teachers -

Hiwonder Qdee

Parents can immerse themselves playing with their children and enjoy the constructive family time, while teachers can use Qdee as an indispensable teaching aid - we even provide a detailed curriculum resource.

Hiwonder Qdee Robot

Hiwonder Qdee RobotHiwonder Qdee Robot

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